FaceKindle is a social media platform designed to build community of like-minded people.

FaceKindle is a social media platform designed to build community of like-minded people. FaceKindle is not only a social media platform but a group of people who are motivated to change this world by growing global prosperity, and by doing so creating a dedicated community.

Through FaceKindle platform we are encouraging people to build durable relationships that extend beyond geographical and even virtual boundaries, to create together a sense of community. This practice will allow every user to define its presence, gives a sense of safety and privacy to every member and creates the opportunity to connect beyond boundaries with every FaceKindle User.

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Facekindle Marketing Plan- An Innovative way to earn!

Meet the world first Social media platform “FaceKindle” offering block chain based marketing plan for users looking to earn high profits with stability. Facekindle is just like any other social media platform for anyone to meet and greet giving an extra edge to people looking to advertise and make money. We have created a unique marketing plan which helps companies and individual to advertise their product and can earn tokens on every like and share.

Through our unique business model users will get FaceKindle token on every like, share and comments. FaceKindle is a self-executing marketing plan designed with high earning potentials for the existing..

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How does it work?

FaceKindle has launched two different earning plans.

how dose it work




We have built a technology that help people to connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses. EarnBee is designed as an investment plan for people with low income but have aspiration to earn recurring income. Under this plan user will invest $100 and in return he/she will get multiple deliverables. If you introduce new users to the system as agent then FaceKindle will offer you a massive earning opportunity through its referral program. All EarBee clients and agent will get FaceKindle token which will be launched mid-February 2021.

Introducing FaceKindle Token

FaceKindle is launching its own token In February 2021.

The idea is to make marketing plan fully automated through smart contract. Once token is launched all business will be done via smart contract and will be available to purchase through exchange. FaceKindle will be the first social media platform to launch its token.

What you will get in $100 investment?

Token launch Value= 0.10$
Initial investment – 100$
You will receive 1000 FK Token

Asset Management Plan

Under its asset management plan FaceKindle is giving all its investor an opportunity to collaborate with professional traders from around the world. FaceKindle has also developed a special social trading platform under its banner by the name of “MOYO” which is specially developed for professional traders to showcase their trading talent and help investor make money by simply following their trading signal. So if you are join FaceKindle as an agent then you have an amazing opportunity to pitch its Asset Management Plan and earn commission through its referral program. On the other hand Asset managers and FaceKindle platform MOYO will manage funds for your investor.


Referral Commission

The earning commission is based on advertising sales, investment in Asset Management plan and promoting advertising banner through the FaceKindle platform. Each member of this plan will receive a referral commission for the sales done by their introduced members.

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